The Voyage - Online

The Voyage - Online is an upcoming XR MMO Game under development by the indie startup SIRIUS GAMING.


The Voyage Online is an exciting multiplayer game that takes you on a journey through the cosmos. Explore uncharted galaxies, discover mysterious planets, and become part of the endless adventure in space. The game is developed as open source using Blender and Unreal Engine and utilizes bleeding edge technology* so expect a truly unique gaming experience. We will support all the latest AR/VR devices and provide immersion like never seen before.

Choose your own path

There are many different career paths you can explore. Whether you want to become a fearless space pilot, a skilled engineer, a savvy trader, or a curious scientist, there is a role for you. Each career path offers unique opportunities for development and growth, allowing you to shape your own gaming experience.


Interaction with other players is possible in numerous ways. You can form alliances, cooperate in groups, or compete against others in thrilling battles. Explore dangerous areas together, defeat challenging missions, and achieve honor and rewards as a united force. Or hunt down your fellow players as a bounty hunter or assassin.

Gameplay tailored to your playing style

The game’s economy is dynamic and player-driven, continually evolving and adapting based on in-game actions and events. You can engage in trading activities, buying and selling resources, spacecraft, and equipment on the marketplace and build your own economic success and achieve wealth and prosperity.

Alternatively, engage in immersive stories, undertake missions for various factions and organizations, and experience epic adventures and unveil secrets and explore new areas of the universe.


Players can buy and sell various properties such as land plots, apartments, retail shops, and offices. The latter provide a dedicated space for conducting business, collaborating with team members, and comes with certain unique bonuses. Retail shops offer commercial opportunities and serve as social hubs, attracting players to gather, interact, and engage in social activities. Apartments come in five categories: Standard Flats, Premium Flats, Exclusive Apartments, Luxury Suites, and Penthouses.

The Universe

Earth and the Sol System

After a near apocalyptic asteroid strike in 2060, the western world were laid to waste and has since been hosting the worst scum on the planet so travelers and adventurers should take heed.

The Moon, a desolate world with harsh conditions, is a crucial hub for mining operations due to its abundance of valuable minerals. Despite its isolation, it attracts a mix of miners, outlaws, and opportunists.

Despite its harsh conditions, Mars offers untapped resources and opportunities, attracting mining operations and pioneers seeking self-sufficiency and a fresh start.

Other planets

The cosmos in The Voyage Online extends far beyond Earth, the Moon, and Mars, each with their own valuable resources and inherent dangers. The universe is teeming with numerous other planets, each offering unique opportunities and challenges. These celestial bodies are rich with resources, waiting to be discovered and harnessed by the players. However, they also present their own set of risks and perils, making the journey to them an adventure in itself.